Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to order custom magnets, but I do not have a logo or any graphics to provide?

We offer a 100% FREE graphic design service to our customers with every order.  Simply submit the information that you would like to print on your magnet and leave the rest to our artists.  If you have an idea as to color scheme, font style or a layout that you prefer, please let us know in detail and we will send a digital proof back to you within 24 hours with unlimited changes at no extra cost!

What if I have a logo and graphics, but I do not have a finished magnet design layout to send over?

Upload your logo, graphics, photos, text information, color scheme and any other details as to how you would like your magnets to look (or just keep it all up to our expert magnets design team) and we will send you back a digital proof within 24 hours.  If you aren't sure that your graphics are print ready, don't worry!  A member of our art team will contact you with any concerns or red flags that may be raised when proofing your artwork.  Our artists will work with you until you are totally satisfied with your magnet design.

How do I know if my finished artwork meets your magnet production specifications?

We like to double check ALL artwork and template specifications before pushing it through to production to ensure that you're delivered a quality product done right.  Just like any other new order placed on our site, a free digital proof will be delivered for approval before we produce the physical magnets.

Are there templates available that I can use to set up my own magnet artwork?

Most of our products have pdf templates available for download straight from the product page.  If the product doesn't have a template available, simply email us at to request any specific template.

What type of files and art specifications are required?

We accept and work with virtually ANY type of file that you may want to upload to us, but there are a few preferred file types and specifications that will speed up the ordering process for your magnets. Our designs are set up for production using the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Illustrator and Photoshop). We prefer the following file types: EPS, Ai, PSD, Pdf, Jpeg (high resolution at least 300 dpi or higher). If you plan on sending finished artwork, please be sure that all text is converted to outlines and all links are embedded when applicable.  Please see our art specifications page for more information.

What happens if I receive my magnets and find an error in my design?

When proofing your artwork, be sure to VERY CAREFULLY look over ALL elements of your design such as: spelling, numbering, colors, names, addresses, logos, placement, etc. We perform a spell check before sending each and every proof, but it is not always accurate and will not pick up on names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Magnets Planet will not be held accountable for misspellings on final products after the customer approval of the digital (or physical) proof. However, a reprint at a discounted cost may be issued in the case of a misspelling. Color and any issues which differ from misspellings will be reviewed and compared to the previously sent proof to determine if a reprint or discount will be granted.

Why do the colors on my computer monitor look different than the colors of my printed magnets?

Your computer monitor or smart phone screen may not always display an accurate representation of what your colors will look like on the physical printed product. We print using the standard CMYK 4 color process (the same process that your home printer probably uses, but with a much higher quality printer). If you were to try and print what looks like a bright color on your screen, you would see that it appears much darker when printed and may vary from printer to printer. If you require an accurate color match, please provide us with the CMYK formula.

If you require bright, vibrant colors for your design, you may want to use a different coloring process that we offer called PMS. PMS is a color system that uses an extremely accurate color formula for print. These colors DO NOT vary from printer to printer and CAN print bright and vibrant colors. Each color costs an additional $35 to your order.

Are physical proofs available?

If a digital proof does not suffice your needs for approval, we offer to send you a physical proof of your product with your design on it for $60. If you're not so concerned about physically seeing your design, but you would like to hold and feel the quality of the product itself, simply order a World's Greatest Magnets Sample Pack through our website.

How long does production take?

The majority of our customizable magnetic products are produced within 8 working days after payment and approval of the order. All peel and stick products which are not customizable (other than sports schedules) will ship out 1-2 days after placing the order. All orders are able to have the shipping expedited at the customer's discretion.

How long does shipping take?

The normal ship method is standard ground which may take anywhere from 1-4 business days (Mon.-Fri.) within the U.S. (6+ to Alaska and 7+ to Hawaii). There are also expedited shipping options available for all orders upon request.

Is there blind or drop shipping available?

Are you sending these to a customer of yours? Sounds Good! We offer blind or drop shipping which will have zero association of on or inside the package. Your customer will receive the package with a return address of your choice. Essentially, the package came straight from you.

Receive your FREE online design proof within 24 hours!

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